Cloud Contact Center
Why should you make a switch?


This blog will help you to understand the need for the digital transformation of communication and assistance of users.

With the rise in accessibility and affordability of the internet, people are spending more time surfing on the internet than ever before. The change in the form of communication and user behavior pushes businesses to change their way of communication too.

The call centers used to look cool and effective for helping and establishing good communication with users when users had only one way to interact with the businesses that were voice calls but at present users have many ways to interact with the businesses in order to get some information. Such as in-app chatbots, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, email, etc.

People use different channels to interact with different people for different purposes. People use multiple mediums on a daily basis to interact with each other and this is why it becomes quite important for businesses to be able to handle the communication at all the platforms. Businesses lose a lot of customers if they could not be able to maintain their presence across platforms.

How adopting a cloud contact center will change your business

In order to leverage the full potential of the internet for growing your business, you need to use the latest and the best technologies available in the market for that specific task. And by any chance, if you are still using the outdated model of call centers then you are losing a lot of opportunities.

The old model of the call center has its limitations, It is not capable of handling all kinds of communication of the present scenario such as social media, text, and automated calls. To put my point more clearly here are some reasons for using Cloud-based contact centers.

Improve customers experience through personalization With the evolution of the internet and frequent use of social media and the web, the customers have become more aware of the market situation and availability of different products and reviews and they do not think twice before giving their business to your competitors if they are not satisfied by your support at any platform, be it social media, your app, voice call.

So, it is your liability to assist your customer on all platforms 24*7*365 in order to get your business at the top of your customer’s mind. Using a Cloud-based contact center allows you to assist and engage with your customers on all the platforms by using automation technologies, 24*7 availability. You can create a more personalized experience for your customers by using customer interaction and behavioral data.

Cost reduction by switching to cloud-based technology Using a brick and mortar system and spending a huge chunk of your revenue for getting new clients and retaining them too with the inefficient system is now outdated. Cloud contact centers help you with more data about your customers and you can use that data to make more effective decisions. Data will help you to fix the problems with your business communication and make more effective business strategies. A data-driven and more focused approach will also help you to shift your focus from the methods or ideas that are not working for your business.

Building strong communication through the cloud support center According to a report more than 65% of the customers want their issues resolved on the preferred platform by them. Using an omnichannel approach by creating proper mix use of the channels will give you leverage to influence your customers. For example, a customer may start a conversation over in-app chat but could switch to WhatsApp later. The conversation history and context of the conversation will be taken into consideration from the same interface –the channel is not relevant here. This helps companies to keep up with changing user behavior and communication trends.


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