About Humonics

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Humonics was started with a vision to change the world how humans interact with machines. The machines, since their inception, have not been intelligent, cannot think and take action on their own.

Humonics is a combination of two words Humans + Autonomics. Tesla made history by developing an autonomous car that could span the entire USA without human intervention. Similarly, when we started, we imagined a world where every conversation between a consumer and provider will be managed autonomously by our Digital Humans.

We are executing on our vision and have developed the World’s First Autonomous Cloud Contact Center.

The Voice Conversation are complex and cannot be managed by a simple rule-based engine. Hence, we have created our proprietary and state of the art AI “Digital Brain”. The Digital Brain harnesses the power of cognitive AI, trained on more than 2Million minutes of datasets on the principles of ethical AI to ensure that every conversation is seamless and with maximum customer satisfaction.

The focus of Humonics is to transform the communication landscape in the “Payer & Provider” segment and have our digital humans be a force multiplier to ensure customer queries are resolved.

Boosting your power to stand out.

Humonics global Transforms the way your organization works, connects and interacts with your customer, and a breakthrough of your business and positively impacts the world.

AI-Powered Digital Human – The key to transforming your business future
The world is changing and getting more intelligent and improving day by day, and day by day, automation is getting all our attention towards itself. Artificial intelligence is the most essential and critical aspects for running your system faster and more intelligent. Organizations around the world are investing in this to get better and accurate outcomes.

How your organization can take advantage of Digital Human- HUNA ?

Our digital human HUNA enables all your digital communication with the customer, whether it is through Voice, Chat or email.
It has the artificial intelligence-powered pre-built industry knowledge to ensure call closure and maximum customer satisfaction. Also, HUNA reports to the enterprise to get writing to understand the voice of the customer (VOC), which improve Net Promoter Score (NPS).