Get Your Policyholders the Help They Need
Without Waiting Time.

Whether it’s processing a claim or obtaining benefit information, when your policyholders reach out to you it’s because they need help. So it’s important to provide quick, easy customer service that’s available when and where your policyholders need it. With Intelligent Virtual Assistants, you can offer more in self-service without increasing costs. And since we can automate the upfront claim submission process, your policyholders don’t have to wait to get the help they need, while your agents receive accurate and consistent information every time.

HIPPA and Precertification for faster service.

Your customers and employees need solutions that deliver fast, accurate information on any channel 24x7. HUNA transforms your customer service experience.

Cloud Architecture that helps your support your HIPPA complaince.

As the most secure, reliable, and broadly adopted cloud platform, we trust AWS as our technology partner for healthcare providers and protected health information worldwide. Providers can accelerate innovation, unlock siloed data, and develop personalized care strategies—all while operating securely in a highly regulated industry.


Security Controls

10 Million+

calls closed by bot


Conversation Transcription

HUNA Use Cases for the Health Care Sector
Payer Side

Our digital human-HUNA answer every single Call with friendly greetings and capture user intent in natural language processing. HUNA authenticates patients through HIPAA-compliant protocols and route calls to the appropriate caregiver or department.

Claim Intimation & Status Check

Our digital human HUNA don't make policyholders wait to get the claim submission process started. With the help of HUNA, you can automate the First Notice of Loss information gathering stage. You can collect information quickly and consistently, provide your agents accurate and complete data, and free them up to handle more sensitive policyholder issues. Your customers can quickly and easily check the status of their claims once the claim submitted.

Lead Generation

Our Digital Human HUNA captures and qualify the leads 24*7, Contact leads through voice, chat or email. Tag the leads as Hot, Warm, and Cold accordingly nurture them with AI-powered marketing. .

Policy & Benefit Management

Huna makes it easy for policyholders to quickly get the information they need by providing updates on benefits, coverage dates, account balances and more.

Policy Renewal

Our digital human HUNA sends an on-time reminder to policyholders for quick renewal of the policy. In the customer lifecycle, they may wish to get their other assets covered. Our AI-powered digital human recommend other relevant insurance policies accurately, hence doing up-sell and cross-sell and increasing revenue and reducing customer churn.

Policy Endorsement

Our AI-powered digital human helps the policyholder add the missing information or update the current data easily and quickly.

Policy Eligibility

HUNA collects the required information like age, any comorbid conditions, and the monthly fee policyholder wants to pay and determine the policy. Accordingly, the AI-powered digital human decides the eligibility of lead.