Our Digital Human focused on Personalised Patient's views, Not the Administrative Process.

For many providers, The management has focused on the administratively frustrating body of work. Our Digital Human-HUNA changes all of that. HUNA - our digital human power by AI technology platform that gives hospital staff a clear view of medical necessity for each patient. Humonics HUNA also acts as a conduit with your payer partners, enabling a new level of collaboration and communication.

HIPPA and Precertification for faster service.

Your customers and employees need solutions that deliver fast, accurate information on any channel 24x7. HUNA transforms your customer service experience.

Cloud Architecture that helps your support your HIPPA complaince.

As the most secure, reliable, and broadly adopted cloud platform, we trust AWS as our technology partner for healthcare providers and protected health information worldwide. Providers can accelerate innovation, unlock siloed data, and develop personalized care strategies—all while operating securely in a highly regulated industry.


Security Controls

10 Million+

calls closed by bot


Conversation Transcription

HUNA Use Cases for the Health Care Sector
Provider Side

Our digital human-HUNA answer every single Call with friendly greetings and capture user intent in natural language processing. HUNA authenticates patients through HIPAA-compliant protocols and route calls to the appropriate caregiver or department.

Appointment scheduling

Patients schedule their appointments over phone calls in most cases. Our digital human designed for scheduling and followups over outbound Call, text and emails to confirm, modify, get wait-listed or cancel so that you never miss any customer call or appointment again.

Billings & Medical Debt Collections

Patients will get balance notifications and make payments via chat, voice and email. Resolve outstanding balances faster with inbound/outbound calls to collect payment or arrange payment terms.

Patient Outreach

Engage the patients over digital channels. Remind them about scheduled visits and provide them with the option to cancel or change appointments.


Help patients to get the fastest pre-authorization approvals with our AI-driven digital human that streamlines the patient access workflow helping obtain prior authorizations, insurance verifications and benefit checks.


Our digital human can help health care providers and payers exchange data and streamline benefits verification and medical eligibility checks. It can increase transparency and reduce confusion. It allows all parties, especially the patient, to understand their financial responsibilities.


Our digital human HIPAA-compliant nature necessitates that it follows all HIPAA requirements – this includes full encryption, availability, logging, strong passwords, employee training, and emergency policies.