World's First Autonomous

Cloud Contact Center

HUNA cloud contact center provides quick and easy access to the tools and services businesses need to communicate in today’s web-based world.

Call Anytime, Call Anywhere.
Never Miss a Customer's call.
ONE PLATFORM for Voice / Chat / E-mail.
Digital Humans and Humans working together.


Predictive, Contextual, and Conversational AI based Cloud Contact Center.
Integrations with leading CRM providers.


Warm Handoff to Human Agents

In the event that the Digital Human acquaints an association with a human specialist, they're given the full setting and significant level rundown of the client care's excursion for more customized administration and quicker resolution.


Single Source of truth and tracking with HUNA CRM

Eliminate data silos and contextualize interactions by supercharging your CRM to make it the single source of truth for all customer data.


Track SLA with Deep Analytics

Analyse each step for every call, every deflection, every call transfer, every call drop. Analyse speech and interpret ques for quality and process control. Real time AHT, Customer satisfaction, productivity index and more.