Problem in Current Chatbots

Before making a plunge in the problems involved in Current Chatbots let us initially characterize what a Chatbot is “A chatbot is a PC program that can have text or voice-based discussions with a human.” Chatbots are broadly being executed in e-commerce, customer support, call center automation, IT helpdesk automation and significantly more. Chatbots for these industries fill a particular need and not for the whole scope of human communication. We should begin discussing chatbots as possibly exceptionally straightforward things that can do conceivably extremely valuable things. We should stop discussing AI, Machine Learning and all the rest until they are really engaged with the process fundamentally.

Let us know explore the various problems that persists in Chatbots that are being deployed in the Industry Today.

Are Chatbots Intelligent Enough ?
By far most of chatbots aren't intelligent. They are constructed dependent on a decision tree logic, where the reaction given by the bot relies upon keywords entered by the client's info. If the client's information contains 'shop' or 'purchase' then at that point chatbot sends message with item list. This means decision tree kinds of bots are as clever as the limit of the programmer who made it to foresee all potential client use cases and information sources. Bots with Natural learning abilities are still very uncommon.

Insufficient Strong Used Cases
Here's something that occurs with each new innovation that is placed out in the world: creators and designers get truly pumped up for it. What we are seeing presently is a rush organizations are making to be the first in their category to effectively deploy a bot. In that procedure, we will see a plethora of bots that are fathoming for insignificant use cases, or that offer extremely poor experiences. It’s a characteristic piece of the cycle. Our industry needs to learn from its disappointments before it can develop bots that are genuinely intelligent and brilliant.

Bots Needs to be Straight Forward
The best bots out there make one thing obvious from the start of the conversation that the customer is talking with a robot, not with another human. Setting up the right expectations will make users forgive about the specific errors the bot may make. You absolutely need your bot to feel as human as possible. But misleading your clients and professing to be something it is not can result in loss of trust.

Does your Bot Understand Context ?
People are great at discussions. We can find some hidden meaning, and we are always utilizing relevant information when we give somebody a reaction. Be on the opposite side Bots don't understand Context with the exception in which bots are controlled by Natural Language Processing Technology. Current Bots can't hold logical information for longer than a couple of conversations, and will finish up forgetting about what the user was stating in the first instance.

Bots Lacks Human Escalation Protocols
At the point when innovation comes up short, users still needs to depend on people to enable them to take care of their issues. In any case, not many chatbots have a heightening workflow set up to let a human take control over the discussion when the bot can't help. The outcome? Bots that leave clients hanging – once in a while much more exhausted than when they started the discussion with the brand.

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