• Can an Animal Behaviour Help Predict Earthquakes???

    Many people have claimed to witness changes in animal behaviour before the commencement of an earthquake. Do you think these claims can be true? Can animals really sense this earth tremor? If you watch NatGeo Wild like I do ,you would definitely agree with me that God has given animals instinct for survival...

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  • Implementing Node.js Architecture in Python.

    Node.js is great. It is said to solve the legacy 10K concurrency issue. The architecture that sits behind this massive beauty is something I will try to explain. Once you have the hold of it, I will tell you how you could reach a similar architecture to massively scale your traffic handling if your main stack is Python.

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  • Understanding the Context Behind Conversational AI.

    Conversational AI refers to the utilization of message-based apps, speech based assistant and chatbots to automate conversations and make customized customer experience at scale. A huge number of individuals use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other messaging apps to speak with their ...

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  • Problem in Current Chatbots.

    Before making a plunge in the problems involved in Current Chatbots let us initially characterize what a Chatbot is “A chatbot is a PC program that can have text or voice-based discussions with a human.” Chatbots are broadly being executed in e-commerce, customer support, call center automation, IT helpdesk automation and significantly more.

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