Case Studies

Case Studies

  • Conversational IVR for a leading general insurance provider in India.

    The Insurance Provider was experiencing high call volumes for First Notice of Loss (FNOL) for motor claims. Humonics deployed its Bot Platform for information gathering and providing intimation on claims that helped them with 35% cost reduction.

  • Voice Bot within a Mobile App of a leading Public Service Bank in India.

    The Bank had a diversified population of customers leading a lower adoption of their Banking Mobile Application. Humonics deployed a vernacular voice assistant to their mobile banking application to increase the adoption of the application as well as decrease in call volumes in its contact centers.

  • HIPAA Compliance Bot for a Leading US Payer.

    The Payer had a contact center to provide support to the Providers who contacted them. The initial part of the call involved verification of the patient for HIPAA Compliance. Humonics’ conversational AI Interface on IVR was able to verify the details before passing the call to a Human Assistant reducing the AHT of the assisted call.

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