Unleash the power of Voice

with World's First Autonomous contact center

Personalised, Predictive, Contextual routing and AI-powered conversational customer experiences. Know your customer's voice with 100% transcription.

80% cost reduction.
Most human-like conversational experience.
Seamless Agent Transfer with intelligent handoff.
Industry specific trained NLP models for better utterance capture.


A digital human
comes with everything you need to get started!

Travel bookings made easy with HUNA

From booking accomodations to changing a flight, HUNA uses real-time and historical data for contextual awareness and determine if a specialized Virtual Agent or a human agent will yield the best outcome on an individual basis.


HIPPA and Precertification for faster service.

Your customers and employees need solutions that deliver fast, accurate information on any channel 24x7. HUNA transforms your customer service experience.

Utilities that move when you do.

Transfer a servive, settle a bill, payment reminders and collections, delight your customers with Digital Human that’s always ready to help with their concerns anytime, anywhere.


Cool facts about voice-ai

Conversations can happen anytime and anywhere. Always be ready 24x7 to answer to your customer's call. With voice ai customers are able to decrease AHT and increase agent productivity.


resolution rate


reduced AHT

1 to 1M